A House That Will Never Fall Down
Single-channel video, color, sound
06 minutes

It is a homebuilding process after leaving the original home.
A picture is meant to be hung, but an image is not. We look at images everyday everywhere in this designed environment we are living in. When I don’t belong to this space where I exist physically, what do images that I encounter everyday mean to me? Perspectives, meanings, misunderstandings (false feelings). Can we find belongingness through images or do we find our real belongingness through representation?
Originally, we draw lines, design patterns and add them to the space we live in through carving, forging - we use our hands mostly; through printing (wallpaper), textile making, any ways we use machines to mass produce, or to refine our hand craft and design. Do images have the same facts with these two ways we build and decorate our buildings, home, belongingness? Mind, eyes, shutter. Brick, concrete, chisel.