Xi Li (b. 1995 Suzhou, China) is an artist who works with photography, video, installation and bookmaking to address the unreliability of image and the fallibility of memory, using methods of construction, simulation, intervention and refabrication, to consider the unstable harmony between actual and fictive recollections of the past, and to blur the lines in between. Li has exhibited internationally in François Ghebaly in Los Angeles, AMANITA, Inna Art Space and Latitude Gallery in New York City, Aperture Gallery in London, MadeIn Gallery in Shanghai and others. Li is the recipient of 2023 Creator Labs Photo Fund. Her self-published book Traces of Invisibilities has been shortlisted for Photo 2020 x Perimeter International Photobook Prize. Li earned a Bachelor of Design from Pratt Institute and an MFA in Photography from Yale School of Art. Li currently lives and works in New York.

For prints, exhibitions or commissions,
please email me: contact@xili.studio